Enthusiast of transcending the conventional, JAYA is a versatile artist that strives to be the oxymoron of accessibility. Her music challenges listeners by stretching the perceptions of familiarity, integrating key ideas that make the unexpected feel more like home.
A singer-songwriter with a velvet voice and contemporary classical roots, JAYA commands the aesthetic of dreamy psychedelic bedroom pop, and is releasing her debut EP of original songs in 2021.
Her classical works have been performed by numerous ensembles and artists, including Standing Wave, Ecstatic Waves, and the Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra.
As a performer, JAYA is an accomplished vocalist, keyboardist, and percussionist, and dabbles with an electroacoustic hurdy gurdy.
In addition to the odd gig in her hometown Vancouver, Canada, she has performed in drumlines at Canucks games, percussed and key'ed in various theatre productions, and runs masterclasses and adjudicates at band clinics. 
Aside from her civilian musicianship, she runs the band program at 513 RCACS as an officer with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and conducts weekly rehearsals with the cadets in the program.
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