Jaya Story, Vancouver-based composer.


Microtonal enthusiast and musical theatre lover, emerging composer Jaya Story strives to be the oxymoron of tonality. Her music challenges the audience by stretching the limits of intervallic divisions and perceptions of consonance. Her works have been performed by numerous ensembles, including Standing Wave, the Mighty Wings Jazz Ensemble, and the Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra.


Jaya recently won the Vancouver Academy of Music's Young Composers' Competition with her new piece, Diablerie, which was premiered by the Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra in their 2018 Next Generation BC Concert. Among her other artistic pursuits, Jaya is now involved with the Canadian Cadet Organization as a Cadet Instructor Cadre officer, directing the band of the 513 Hornet Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in New Westminster, and teaching percussion to youths over the summer at HMCS QUADRA in Comox, BC.


Born in 1997 in New Westminster, BC, Jaya began studying the piano at the age of six. Being introduced to music at a young age led Jaya to soon develop an interest in other musical instruments that would later become the foundation for her interest in composing. Drawn to composition at the age of 12, she joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in 2009 where she was exposed to an extensive music education and participated in the military band as a percussionist, gaining hands-on experience in arranging music and writing pieces for the band.‚Äč