December Update

I recently had the opportunity to premiere an art song at the 2020 Vancouver SongSLAM. After rewriting the text and music several times, I had a complete song for the exquisite emerging soprano Saxony Eccleston to showcase her ability to sing anything from contemporary classical to baroque-inspired ornaments.
Please enjoy, and do anticipate something completely different in the coming weeks.

My Yesterdays


Premiered November 28, 2020 at Vancouver SongSLAM

sometimes it's too easy to turn the clock away

'til lavender haze,

spinning, sinking where nodes of stockings tangle my feet, strays,

and in the hard part of the night tastes ashen

and so fumes from cinders upon trays,

lost passion, grief, my yesterdays


  • Sat, Dec 19
    Christmas at Home
    Join vocalist Adam Turpin as he brightens this holiday season with holiday favourites and stories. Featuring pianist Jaya Story, and a guest appearance by Port Coquitlam Councillor Laura Dupont.

More events coming soon, including FREE workshops in 2021!

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